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Today's background image is an ape selfie. Who knew they could do selfies. What a trip.#

On a recent trip, I got a chance to ride on the bike trails in Boulder. Fantastic experience. It almost seems they built the city around the trails, the same way NYC built its subway system in advance of the city. #

Today I'm going to lunch in Manhattan, would love to ride my bike there. Instead I'll grab a CitiBike which is almost as good. Why, in a city as large as NY, are there not yet shopping places that provide excellent access for bike riders? A safe place to store your bike while doing your business.#

A few weeks ago I went on a bike ride with friends from Nashville on the Hudson River path, and we stopped for lunch at the 72nd St pier. Lots of bike riders stop there, but there isn't even an obvious or easy place to park a bike there. And this is on the most heavily traveled bike trail in the United States. #

We're still in the early days. Imagine whole malls designed to attract bike-riding shoppers. The same way shopping malls are building up around the cell phone lots at airports. I think there's a real investment opportunity here. #

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