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Monday, September 25, 2017
Here's publicFolder for the Mac. This is the howto page for the desktop app. And the source for the Node package that implements the core tech, so you can build your own shell around the functionality. #
Here's instantDaveClientDemo. It demos the tech that connects the Instant Dave server with the client. It's based on webSockets and JSON. We can build on this. Here's a demo app, in source, that you can run or modify. It updates in realtime as I post new items and modify existing ones. #
Shep Smith tells it like it is, on Fox. #
Of course the kneeling is about race. What a fucked up situation, where American citizens are being killed by the police because of their skin color, and it's gotten to the point where the only way to get attention for the problem is for athletes to protest, and then of course the openly racist American government says smugly it isn't about race. Very cute. But you're not fooling anyone. It's about race. #
It seems to me perhaps we're getting close to the last minute we can change leadership before we're in a full-scale war with North Korea. I would like to see a new president in place, whose first job is to pull us back from this brink. #
Wow OKC loves Melo! That's cooool. #
Every day I see something on Facebook that I'd like to post a pointer to on my linkblog. But I never do. I love the web. I won't betray it.#
BTW, to continue yesterday's thread about geeks with good hearts. There are tech community people journalists can and should rely on. The press has assumed that we all work at big companies, but the truth is most of the ones you can trust do not. To my friends in journalism, could you please, next chance you get, explain to your peers that there are people who want to help without locking you in. Thanks. #

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