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Saturday, December 9, 2017
It's ridiculous we don't have parking lots for bikes in NYC.#
Rectify is a favorite of the BingeWorthy crowd, although with not a lot of votes, so I gave it a try. I watched two seasons. It had some good moments. And the premise is fascinating. A man on death row is given a reprieve and sent back to the town where he supposedly committed his crime. But the show drags on and on. It's a soap opera. Lots of meetings between characters where they sigh and struggle, in soap operaish ways. I guess most shows are just that, even The Wire or The Sopranos. But they have variety and surprises and humor. I'm not sure what makes a great binge, but for me, Rectify is not it. #
After getting lots of advice from the braintrust, the consensus was get a Roku. So I did. It hasn't arrived yet. It was supposed to be here yesterday, ordered from Amazon, but it's late. Can't wait to try it. I was going to use it to watch season 2 of The Crown, but I'm going to go ahead with my ancient Apple TV. #

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