It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday, September 1, 2018
When people say "no pun intended," what they really mean is "pay attention to my pun, very much intended."#
That was quite a speech by Obama. It's the kind of speech McCain might have made, but it says more that Obama said it at McCain's request. The very last thing said about McCain before being buried.#
I've started backing up my linkblog RSS feed to the GitHub repository. It will be backed up every night along with all the other content on Scripting News. #
Emails like this from Google about "violations" on my website are really disturbing, esp since I don't run any Google ads on my site. I wish they'd STFU about violations, or say what the violations are. I always can use a good laugh. Their email is a violation of my independence. Fuck off. #
Respect really gets to my core. People working together, listening, finding the connection. That’s humanity at its best.#

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