It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, November 2, 2018
If you want to give Battlestar Galactica a try and you have Amazon Prime, this is the place to start.#
Watch a Nazi start a garbage fire in front of a Brooklyn synagogue.#
11 Jews murdered in their synagogue by a Trump-enflamed Nazi and the president goes back to his rants. We’re in the abyss. We’ve gone over the edge.#
This morning Dropbox is down to 1.2 million files. Yes, I have LAN Sync turned on, on this machine and on the other machines connected to the same router. I've come up with a new temporary way to get files up to the server so my development work can continue while Dropbox is synching. Also, yes I need to be able to see my whole Dropbox structure from this machine. (Thanks for all the suggestions, I've been using Dropbox since it came out, that's a pretty long time.)#

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