It's even worse than it appears.
Friday, November 23, 2018
Never forget. Last year one person shot over 600 people in Las Vegas. It shouldn't be that easy for one person to shoot so many people.#
There's a new element, source:likes in the source namespace. It appears in the RSS feed for Scripting News. Feed readers can use the server URL to form a Like icon for each item that integrates with other feed readers. Perhaps the beginning of a way to build connections between people who read a blog via various feed readers. Updated the docs for my Likes server to include a third API endpoint. I'm probably going to support this in River5 to complete the circle.#
I fixed Likes for titled items. There are two on this page. The counts show on home page and on the story page. They should agree. 🚀#
I added notes about these changes in the worknotes doc for the Likes server.#

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