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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Do you like intelligent and irreverent political commentary? Then you must subscribe to the Radio Open Source podcast. #
Angus King on MSNBC said the thing I wished someone would say. 1. There already is a wall. 2. If you want to build something new, first tell us WTF it is because no one knows. I learned this from Leo McGarry on The West Wing. Don't accept the premise of the question. #
Anticipating Flickr's change in policy, I asked for a download of everything in my account. No response. I have received requests for me to subscribe. I might do it, but first I want copies of my stuff. #
Finished bingeing Get Shorty on Netflix. I liked it, but like a lot of series, it just trails off at the end. A comedy masquerading as a crime story. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. 💥#
My friend Joe Moreno is looking for a 60-person venue in Silicon Valley to rent. "An ideal venue would be a college classroom with A/V." #
Concise explanation of the values of journalism. Must-read.#

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