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Friday, January 11, 2019
Listened to the Daily podcast interview a sheriff from an Arizona border county. The border wall story was used to stoke hatred of non-white, non-Christian Americans during the campaign. That's what it means. The "humanitarian crisis" the president calls for is a fig leaf for people like the sheriff. It's a loud obvious dog whistle. Can't budge an inch or we're supporting hate. #
Michael Cohen's open, under-oath testimony before Congress will be important because it's probably going to be the first truthful and somewhat complete testimony the public has seen. Impeachment is driven by public sentiment. It can't and shouldn't happen until a substantial majority of the people demand it, not just favor it. You don't casually impeach and remove a president, you can't do it only on principle. It has to be driven by the public determination. #
More on the dual-major journalism and computer science program. Yesterday I wrote how that could be great for journalism, now I want to talk about the flip side, how it's great for the software journalists use, i.e. publishing software. In my experience the best software is that which is designed by people who use the product. They bump against the limits as users do, think of shortcuts and simplifications (called factoring in software). If you don't use the software your ideas about how it should work are theoretical. The closer you are to the user experience, the better you understand the tradeoffs from the user's perspective. And that ultimately is the most important one. So applied to this dual-major concept when the students learn their comp sci, it can be in the context of how journalists use computer systems. And with better understanding of users on the part of the students, after all they are users, the better the publishing software can be. #
HBO has been playing all the Sopranos episodes back to back for a few days. Yesterday by luck I hit on the very last episode. Earlier in the day I read a debate on what happened at the end. I am of the school that yeah of course he died, but the person who took the opposite position was convincing. We don't know what happened at the end so leave it there. But I got to see all the scenes that were discussed, the same day. Intense, and fun. #

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