It's even worse than it appears.
A picture from the OPML meetup in NYC in July 2005.#
When someone says you are difficult, I think that means they wanted something from you and you said no. #
It is wicked cold out there. Just took a 40-minute walk in the elements, and by the end the cold had gotten through all my layers. My core was getting cold. Can't remember that ever happening. (Actually the first few nights I was in Madison were like that. Then I learned how to dress in sub-zero weather.)#
I finished the Flickr archive project. I wrote it up here. It consists of 5815 pages like this. Cross-country drives. Famous NY delis. Tech conferences. Devastation from Hurricane Katrina. Berkeley streets (it really is a beautiful place). Friends. Graphic illustration. A joint-rolling tutorial. Shea Stadium. My old house in Woodside (a few days before it was torn down, sadly). Screen shots. Sights in NYC on foot and on bike. Mr Natural. Seattle's amazing public library. And much more. Use the Random button to find a good place, and then hit Prev to find the beginning of the sequence, and step through them with the Next button. I added a link to the Scripting News page for the day the photo was taken. Often there's a connection between what I posted on Flickr and what I posted on my blog. #

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