It's even worse than it appears.
I haven't watched season 2 of Fleabag yet. The reviews are incredible. The first season was great. #
This piece really resonated with me. So many good points. When a project catches on the work really changes. And the difference between this kind of creative work, and say writing music, is that software is used not just listened to. Another thing I've noticed is that people who come along and build off your open work expect you to step aside when they want to take over. This is a big disconnect, I create the software because I want to build on it, not to create a lifestyle for you, though I don't mind if you do that, that's why I made it open. But don't ever expect the originator of a project to step aside. That's a bug in your thinking. I've also noticed that the people who want to take over rarely have any original ideas other than they want to take over (and of course that's not original). #
When people I follow blame a group based on race, gender, age, sexuality, I unfollow immediately without a second thought.#
The town of Woodstock, where I live, is working on a law to limit short-term vacation rentals. When I was shopping for a house here, I used the AirBnBs. But now that I own property here, I have conflicted views. I understand the reason they want the law is to have more housing available for full-time residents to rent. #
I ran a poll yesterday asking what people expect from the GoT finale, tomorrow night. FWIW, I expect to be satisfied. They aren't going to pull any punches in the finale. They had something great last week, and they're going for the kill this week. I expect to be blown away. #

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