It's even worse than it appears.
Joe Trippi: "We lost the digital advantage Dems once had."#
A bit of advice to Joe Biden, trying to satisfy the press with pushback against Trump slurs. "Remember folks, Trump is the Birther dude." Come back at Trump with the truth, take the spotlight off you. Give the press all they need to stop dragging your family through the dirt. #
Today is the first of two Q&A days in The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump. Here's the question I'd ask of the president's defenders. Trump did something bad. If we don't remove him, assume he'll do more of that. And so will future presidents. We could throw out the Constitution. The presidency would be a for-profit enterprise, with the president selling favors to foreign leaders in return for favors and money. Could he do similar deals with the head of the FBI and DOJ? Why not? Would you pay taxes to such a government? Why? The Constitution would no longer have any force. Congress no longer serves as an oversight on the executive, you could all go home, or maybe you would blackmail local officials, of course kicking up a taste to President Trump (or whoever). You say we should acquit Trump. So this new form of government is okay with you? And if it's not (we hope) what should we do? #
Read this thread by Tom Nichols, a Never Trumper. Lots of good advice.#
I hit a snag implementing cmd-return in LO2. It worked fine as long as there was no HTML markup in the text. I explain in this video, to the best of my ability, why that seems like it should be utterly simple, but isn't. (This feature isn't released yet.) #
Loser 2 flies to Moscow to meet with Loser 3, after his party with Loser 1 at the White House.#
Lots of great TV coming up. The last episodes of the great Bojack Horseman on Netflix on Friday. Meanwhile the best episodes of The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump are on today and tomorrow. And the Super Bowl and its commercials air on Sunday. Go Niners!#
If you have a paywall, do it the way Bloomberg does. Give me enough to know what’s in the article. I might pass on the link anyway.#
In the 1960s and 70s, when my father worked for IBM in Armonk, they gave out these THINK signs as a way of telling everyone, inside and out, what the company stood for. #

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