It's even worse than it appears.
This video from Saudi Arabia demonstrates how CV spreads in the most memorable way I've seen. #
Google, Apple, Facebook all know where people are moving around and where they’re locked down. People in pre-CV America would have freaked if they made the data public, in aggregate. Personally I’d love to see it.#
Those of us who are locked down should know that our lockdown doesn't really begin until every state in the country does it.#
This time thanks to Trump the entire country is ground zero.#
My friend Om Malik, one of the original bloggers and now a VC, has started a podcast, because what else does he have to do. This is a silver lining to the pandemic. All kinds of OG bloggers are dusting off their websites and getting back to work. #
We're updating the Cuomo podcast, still have to submit it to various podcast aggregators, and Woodstock Today is catching on in the community. #
We are now clawing our way up the other side of the abyss. Making features for the CV epoch. Wheee! 💥#
  • I heard someone parrot what the president said about how car accidents kill 65K people a year, yet we don't shut down the car industry. So why do we all have to hibernate in isolation while the scientists find a treatment or a vaccine for this killer disease, Covid-19. I suppose it's good to explain, one time, in one place, why a virus is different from a car accident, using Twitter as an example. #
  • Most things I post on Twitter are not viral. One or two people may RT it, and that's it. Once in a while I post something does go viral. That means a few people RT to people who then RT it to people who then RT it, etc. Sooner or later 100K people have seen my stupid little tweet. Covid-19 is like that. If you have it, and you don't isolate, you will give it to 3 other people, and they will give it to 3 more people, and so on. Very quickly a million people have it. It goes viral. I'm sure Trump has used that word perhaps without really understanding what it means. #
  • Now why is that a problem? We'll answer that in the next lesson. #

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