It's even worse than it appears.
At this point the US is pretty much dead. Might still be able to resurrect it. But there's going to have to be a very deep cleaning. And some people are going to jail.#
No debates about the Democratic ticket. The choice is do you want to die. If you want to live vote Democratic. If you want to die vote Republican.#
The Democrats should be able to have a limited kind of rally. Flying in and out of airports, to outdoor gatherings, masks required, good distancing. Prior art: MLB, NBA.#
Interesting thought in this cartoon. Maybe Harris should target Barr, ignore Pence -- an airhead.#
The Biden campaign should have had this ad ready for this moment. Perhaps they should outsource marketing to the Lincoln Project. On the other hand, I would have preferred for this one ad, that Trump be left out of it. Let the campaign stand on its own for a moment.#
I’ve finally arrived at the moment Tuesday feels exactly like Saturday, even though today is actually Wednesday.#
Some may have missed that the reference implementation of XML-RPC is now in JavaScript, both server and client. Browser and Node. New debugging tools. It's good technology with a strong base. Let's make sure people remember it's there. #
I've got my new iPhone SE. Transferring data from my iPhone XS/Max, after many tries because the old phone has four times the memory of the new phone. I had to delete a lot of stuff. But now it seems to be chugging along. It's quite a bit smaller than the original phone. First thing I want to do is take some pictures to see how well the camera works. Update: I gave up on the over-the-air update, and used an iTunes backup I took last night. Most of the data appears to have been preserved. All my music and photos are gone (but backed up on my Mac).#
A photo I took today with the new iPhone SE. Lots of pixels. #
  • Twitter made a change yesterday that I never thought to ask for, but should have. Now you can decide who can respond to your posts. #
  • Your choices of who can reply:#
    • Anyone.#
    • Only people you follow.#
    • Only people you mention in the tweet.#
  • And since you can mention no one, you can make it so that no one can respond to a post. This is a good feature because people can still comment on your tweet by RTing it, but they can't speak to everyone who reads it unless you let them. #
  • It's the Twitter equivalent of what I say to people who want to comment on my blog posts. Start a blog, I advise, and say what you have to say and link to my post. Of course what they really wanted was to use my flow to (very often) zing me personally in some way. I consider that spam. Or hijacking. It gets so insidious so quickly that I haven't had comments here for any duration for many years. It starts off collegial, but quickly devolves into abuse as the trolls take over. And that's exactly what has happened on Twitter. Completely predictable.#
  • People like to say Twitter is about conversation, but that isn't my experience. Very little illuminating conversation. Lots of stupid unfunny supposed jokes, and put-downs, and ads masquerading as opinion.#
  • It's a good change:#
    • People should feel more courageous in saying what they really believe, rather than avoiding opportunities for people to attack them. #
    • You don't have to block or mute people who misuse the ability to respond. #
    • People who say they can't comment are wrong, they can, they just have to create their own flow. #
    • The author of the post they're commenting on always has the option to RT if it truly is constructive, which gives commenters the incentive to be civil. #
  • Good move all around.#
  • Politics, when it's done right, is pretty boring.#
  • The person you want running the show should fairly quietly make things better.#
  • You aren't going to have a beer with them.#
  • You need to trust them enough to not blow up the world, and in our form of government to have the kind of personality that can compromise and work with others.#
  • You want someone who's thoughtful and loves to understand how things and people work.#
  • Mostly you want to feel things are being taken care of and get on with your own life. That imho is the most important freedom of all, freedom to focus, to be yourself, to have a life. #

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