It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday November 14, 2020; 11:17 AM EST
  • We've been aware since long before the election that the Repubs could play games with the Electoral College, appointing a group of Electors in states Biden won with Republican legislatures, who do not vote according to the popular vote. This was contemplated in Florida in 2000 by its Republican legislature, but was made unnecessary by the Supreme Court decision. #
  • Then I heard Trippi's theory, that McConnell et al are using Trump to support the Republican candidates in the Georgia runoff on January 5. I found it convincing, but the theory doesn't say what happens after that. What if the Electoral College (December 14, a couple of weeks before January 5) elects Biden? Hard to imagine Trump campaigning too enthusiastically for Loeffler and Perdue. #
  • Then this Guardian article I read last night left me convinced that the Repubs should be considered seriously as trying to keep Trump in power through Electoral College shenanigans. #
  • And finally this tweet from AP Washington bureau chief, Julie Pace, that says "GOP leaders in four critical states won by Biden say they won’t participate in a legally dubious scheme to flip electors to Trump. Their comments effectively shut down a half-baked plot some Republicans floated as a last chance to keep Trump in office." #
  • It's still not clear exactly how and who will remove Trump from the White House if he doesn't go voluntarily on January 20. #
  • Meanwhile it couldn't hurt to have peaceful candlelight vigils in the Republican state capitals: Madison, Lansing, Harrisburg, Atlanta, Phoenix. #
  • Signage outside Trump's White House. #
  • The "Battle for the White House" is over folks. To the extent there is a battle, it's a battle for the Constitution, the rule of law, democracy, the United States, all of our war dead going back to the Revolution. If there's a battle that's what it's about.#
  • It will soon be time to ask the Secret Service what they do if on January 20th, the previous president refuses to leave the White House. They will probably say they can't comment on that. But they have to. That's what it's come down to. Who will they take orders from? #

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