It's even worse than it appears.
There's a CNN commercial where a white guy in a suit, probably an actor, is talking to the camera. He says (paraphrasing): "The NRA is not going away. Every American should have a gun." I wanted to ask if he felt that every Black man should have a gun, or just Whites. What about religion? Should Jews and Muslims have guns too? Should only rich people have guns, or should poor people have them too? If a Black man came to your all-White neighborhood would you like to see him with a gun? Would you call the cops if a Black man came into a convenience store with a gun? I suspect he was thinking, when he said every American should have a gun, of Americans like himself. #
  • I keep beating this drum, because it's important. #
  • This morning Thejesh posted a link to Buttondown's API. I like it -- it's really simple. But it could be even simpler! 😄#
  • First a summary of why this is important. I want to use my own editor to write a newsletter and publish it through a commercial newsletter service. I don't want to use their editor. Why? Because as a writer, I have the best editor for me. And I don't like being a copy-paste-bot. My writing has too many ways to get out to make it possible to do that for all of them. And I want someone to go first, to make it easy to publish without forcing me to be creative in their world, with their inadequate (for me) editor.#
  • So to further the discussion -- here's how I would do the API .#
    • The user, through the app's user interface, enters the URL of an RSS feed. That interaction is of course authenticated.#
    • When a new item appears in the feed, publish it.#
    • For extra credit, accept a simple unauthenticed ping message with the username, which tells your server to check the feed. That way your server doesn't have to check as often.#
  • Voila, super simple API.#

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