It's even worse than it appears.
I love my new Tesla. I'm looking for excuses to drive places. I haven't felt this way about driving since I was a teenager with a new license.#
There are so many interesting things about the Tesla, and I'm just getting started learning about them. It's as if I didn't get a PC until the IBM PC came out. Or maybe later. Here's something I figured out the other night, driving on a mountain road with lots of turns and ups and downs, a road I'm quite familiar with -- the Tesla makes you a better driver. This is something my Subaru does too, you only have to hold the steering wheel loosely while navigating the turns and ups and downs. The road is well-marked and the car knows what to do. The Tesla even more so. It's like my iPhone which takes better pictures in 2021 than the 2011 model did. We like to say "no filters" but the truth is they're just really good filters that make you think you're the photographer, but the phone did the hard work. Same with the Tesla. I like driving it in the same way. It flatters me to think I'm that good a driver. I know the truth though -- I didn't become a better driver, I just got a car that makes me feel that I did. And who wouldn't love that. #
Here’s a thread reader integrated into Twitter. Next: eliminate the numbers, add links, simple styling, let me give it a title (optional) and we’re ready to rock. Think they’ll have that by say 2030? #
Google's search engine really doesn't like this blog. I tried searching for Scott Love on my blog. It didn't find the instance where I wrote about him here earlier this month. #
Yesterday I did my tenth Peloton ride. The exercise is making me stronger. I don't know why I didn't want to do the classes. I love my teacher, Emma Lovewell. She's super nerdy. When we're doing something particularly strenuous, I close my eyes, focus on my breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth, and I listen to her say that this pain is worth it because it'll become strength when the workout is over. It's so true. I don't particularly care for the music she chooses, I don't know any of it, and it's not catchy. But she's a lot younger than I am, so I guess this is the kind of music the young folk listen to? I'd love it if there were a Tom Petty ride or a Grateful Dead ride. I can see riding to Refugee or US Blues.#

Drummer, an outliner, now allows you to write blog posts in Markdown.

The question was -- how?

This is what we came up with:

  • One newline per outline node.
  • Indentation belongs to the author, generates nothing.

I think this works and is true to the philosophy of MD.

  • Going to do some more cleanup work this morning on Markdown support in Old School. #
  • In the meantime, the thread continues. If you're planning on using Markdown to write blog posts in Drummer, you might want to tune in, because things are being locked down today. #
  • There are only two rules that govern how Old School generates source for the Markdown processor:#
    • One newline per outline node. #
    • Indentation belongs to the author, generates nothing.#
  • I sent a private note to John Gruber a few days ago, letting him know this discussion is going on. As far as I know we are setting prior art for outliners used to generate Markdown for publishing. If there is prior art, I would love to know about it now, asap. #
  • This is different from the Obsidian model also used by LogSeq -- which uses Markdown as a file format for outlines. #
  • Update: Here's a list of this morning's changes to Markdown support for publishing. #

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