It's even worse than it appears.
Slavery is still determining the politics of the US.#
Reporters, what kind of search do you use for your own writing.#
I ask Google to search for the exact title of a post on Scripting News. No hits. I give the same search to Daytona it has no trouble. As often is the case Daytona beats the shit out of Google. (Note: This post is wrong. There was a typo in the query. See this note.) #
When the web started, setting up a server was not particularly hard to do, but it was very hard to understand how something so little could be so big. The hardest part of evangelizing in those days was being believed when you said Yup that's all there is to it. #
  • You can now follow my tweets in outline form in Drummer. #
  • Here are the steps.#
    • Click this link. It'll open a tab in Drummer with a live outline of my tweets. When I write a thread, it will be nested in the outline. #
  • There's nothing more to do and it doesn't cost anything. #
  • If you want to broadcast your tweets like I do, no problem, just go to The instructions are right there. Basically all you have to do is log in, the server will do the rest. No cost, my treat. #
  • And if your outliner supports OPML, you don't even have to use Drummer. The same way you didn't have to use Radio UserLand to get the benefit of RSS. It's exactly analogous, and it worked, so if you have your doubts remember that bootstraps work. #
  • I want to create an ecosystem around outliners and OPML. Twitter is sort of a go-anywhere outliner. That's why integrating Twitter and outliners is so good. I can jot a note down on my phone and it'll be in my outliner when I get back to my desktop. I think this is an important combination. It is for me, as a writer. #
  • Remember my product is interop . I meant it. #

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