It's even worse than it appears..
Wednesday July 20, 2022; 9:52 AM EDT
  • Joseph Zitt: "It's very cool that you're supporting Markdown -- but which Markdown are you using?"#
  • This of course is a great question. I answered it, the way all Markdown questions are answered. #
    • Of course as you know there is no One True Markdown.#
    • The approach we all take with Markdown text is to stay within a reasonable subset of the syntax, and hope for the best. ;-)#
    • I go by this cheat sheet, which I keep in an icon in the chrome of my browser, easy to reach for. And it seems to work.#
    • Re the Markdown processors I use --#
      • On the client side -- I use something called MarkdownCoverter, which I downloaded many years ago. I seem to recall it's the one that StackExchange uses, so I figured it's got to be pretty good. In all the years I've been using it there haven't been any complaints as far as I know.#
      • On the server side -- I use markd. I don't recall how I decided to use this one, but it has also served me well.#
    • As I understand it Gruber likes the way it has evolved. #
    • The shit does kind of hit the fan when it comes to using Markdown in something like RSS where interop is the primary thing. #
    • But this was one of the first enhancements I wanted to get out there in 2022, the 20th year of RSS 2.0.#
  • PS: See the previous two day's posts about Markdown in RSS feeds. #

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