It's even worse than it appears..
Poll: Which do you watch most? Netflix, Amazon, HBO or Apple. #
Yesterday I wrote about Peloton's classes that take you places and how they don't work because the perspective is always shifting. Much better to have a constant first-person view, allowing your mind to zone out while your body works. An improvement beyond that -- have the speed correlate with how fast you're pushing the bike. And give me a boost, so if I'm going 10 mph, make it feel like I'm going 30. As if a strong wind was at my back. Often when you have the first person point of view in these classes it feels as if you're walking not riding, there's no feeling of speed. And you pedal harder and there's no change. I know that this would be hard to do and expensive, but (ahem) the bike and the classes are pretty freaking expensive too. Or better yet, let Nintendo write the software. 😄 #
I'm not apologizing anymore because I don't develop as part of a big company or write for a famous pub. #
"America First" means "White Christian fascists are in charge."#
  • Going to NYC next week, via Tesla, first trip since Covid. #
  • I'm always getting on about how to do a great bug report, I thought I should show you a perfect one.#
    • A small UI thing I noticed was I clicked the X in the News Box to dismiss the box and then opened the settings again and the "Show news items in a small box at the top of the screen." was already checked when I expected it to be unchecked. Clicking the Ok button returned the News Box.#
  • It has all the required elements.#
    • What they did.#
    • What they expected to happen.#
    • What actually happened.#
  • It doesn't have to be a formal process, or particularly long. Just the facts, as Jack Webb never said. The facts the developer needs to find and fix the problem. #
  • I also like the part up front where they say "A small UI thing..." #

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