It's even worse than it appears..
Poll: This may be the last poll I run on Twitter.#
Tomorrow is, of course, April 1 -- the day when people on the net lie about the people they hate and call it humor. #
The Twitter Blue thing would’ve worked better if they added new features instead of taking out existing features.#
For AI to become a medium for the people like blogging or podcasting the cost will have to come down.#
The first mention of the Twitter API on this blog appears to be: Feb 20, 2007, with discoveries scattered through the month. #
I keep watching the last scene of this week's Succession. #
Can you imagine growing up, going to school, knowing that the adults couldn’t or wouldn’t protect you from terrorists who are slaughtering kids just like you, or maybe actually you.#
I think I figured out how to get Radio3 functionality into FeedLand. #
Ken Smith reports breakage in the connection between Drummer and Twitter. Yup. There's going to be a lot of that, could happen tomorrow, or really any time. I'm not going to try to go with Twitter on this trip. Drummer and FeedLand have been converted to email-based identity, all the rest, including features on Scripting News, could break. That's how the web works. We know when we build on corporate APIs at some point they will stop working. Twitter has had a good run. I started writing to their API in 2006. I was hoping for great innovation and huge growth, but it didn't happen for devs, for whatever reason. Je ne sais quoi. C'est la vie. Que sera sera. #
Good morning. Still excited about the personal chatbot I've been writing about all week. But -- now that more people are running queries, I see how "inventive" it can be. Someone asked what awards and honors I've received. It provided a list, but as far as I can tell they're all bogus, awards that may exist, that I did not receive. I've had a nice career, but only one award, if my memory serves me. Oddly that award was not included in the chatbot's list. #
Not song of the day: The Disgusting Brothers. 💥#

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