It's even worse than it appears..
No joy in Mudville. Thanks Knicks for a surprising and inspiring season.#
As the season was starting: "The Knicks are building." Lots to look forward to. All that young talent. Next year will be great and the year after that. #
I think I'm going to start a social network called Pissing In The Wind. The sub-title would be "As If Anyone Cares." Because that's what we do. We make statements. We ask questions no one is listening to. We serve as substrate for people to post spam. I know I'm exaggerating. I just posted a thread on Blueski, and by the end I remembered no one would get this far. The top message got two Likes. It did make me feel good to write it, for a moment, but it was quickly forgotten. #
BTW, another rule I think I'm going to add to Textcasting -- you should be able to read posts without logging on. It's part of the ethos of the web. Minimize the silos. #
Earlier in the day: "I am beginning to believe in the possibility of a game 7. You can quote me on that."#
  • There's only one public voice in the US, and that's journalism. And since journalism doesn't cover itself, we never look at their motives when discussing the news. #
  • If we did, we'd have no trouble parsing the CNN "town hall" presentation of candidate Donald Trump. Paraphrasing what Les Moonves, former CEO of CBS said about Trump in 2016. "[Trump] may not be good for America, but [he's] damn good for CNN." #
  • You can raise the price of ads with Trump. That's obviously what CNN hopes to do. Trump, who has been deprecated by Fox, needs a mainstream outlet. There's no mystery why all the people in the town hall audience were Trump supporters, that obviously was a Trump condition. He probably chose the reporter, the questions, and came prepared to get talked about, which appears to be happening. #
  • I didn't see it, I was watching basketball when he was on. I tried listening to MSNBC last night talk about this and was nauseated. They're treating it as a news event. #
  • That's pretty much all there is that's newsworthy about the event imho.#

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