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Today's song: "Old enough to know better." #
Threads is like a new airport, like Denver's airport was a few years ago, and Twitter feels like the old LaGuardia. Not sure what Mastodon feels like. I'll have to think about that. Maybe the airport in New Orleans which is called Armstrong Field now, IIRC. It used to be called MSY and it still is actually, even though the name changed. Power of standards. #
Consider this quote from a WP article about a court ruling on abortion in Alabama. “Women who actually know what happened, feel under attack and almost powerless.” When historians look back on this election, they will be amazed that all the attention wasn't focused on reproductive rights, esp when 1. It mattered so much to virtually every American, in very real non-abstract ways, and 2. There was such a dramatic difference between the two parties and candidates on this issue. I think I understand why journalism can't get there. Because they would have to turn the agenda over to the people, and give up a power they have and enjoy, even if that power has repeatedly sent us wildly in the wrong direction, focusing on things that don't matter as much as the gut-wrenching decision Americans have to make this year. Do we want to let Republicans enslave women, 1/2 half the populace, or do we want to return to the way things were before Dobbs. I don't have to explain. Very few people on the fence here. What we need are people directly affected by this situation, women of childbearing age, and let them speak, over and over, every day, about all the ways their lives are turned upside down by the direction the Repubs are taking us. No longer trying to take us. There isn't much to argue about here, it's fairly black and white and it is a real division, not one of the bullshit devisions the Repubs have been able to trick the journalists to focus on. #
  • Certainly one of the NYT columnists must have noticed that the management is playing a dangerous game with our election.#
  • When are they going to write a column raising the question of how non-transparent the process is, and how dangerous it has become. #
  • Might take a bit of courage to do that, and being willing to put your career on the line, for all of us.#
  • Just asking the question, even if they fired you, seems as big an issue as the question raised by the special prosecutor re Biden's age?#
  • I've been a columnist for a somewhat major publication myself, and I promise you, if I were witnessing what's going on at the NYT, I'd submit the column, and if they didn't run it, I'd offer it to their competitors, and if they wouldn't take it, I'd run it publicly on a blog, and say that they wouldn't run it. #
  • You can't really witness something like this without speaking up. They gave you the platform, you should use it.#
  • I'm doing a feed cleanup, unsubbing from broken feeds, and ones that haven't updated since last summer. #
  • There are some people and orgs whose feeds no longer update who I miss. I'm going to call them out here. If your name appears here that means at least one person misses your blogging. Do with that as you may. However if you start blogging, I would be very upset if you didn't let me know the URL of your site or feed. #
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    • Fred Wilson#
    • Heather Cox Richardson (podcast, she may no longer have one)#
    • Jeff Jarvis#
    • Joel Spolsky#
    • Mother Jones podcast#
  • NYT sports feeds all appear to be gone, I think this is probably because they've stopped covering sports?#
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  • Blogs I subscribed to for sentimental reasons#
  • Existential questions#
    • Does openrss.org have a feed? It seems like it should. :-)#

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