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February 16, 1998

Cafe Paulig

One of Europe's largest coffee and spice brands.

Client: Paulig Group
Design team at Grey Interactive:
Art designer: PJ Hyytiäinen
Technical designer: Jussi "Sulka" Haro,
Copywriter: Liisa Vähäkylä
Project management: Anita Laaksonen

Jussi Haro describes the project:
The project had been in a state of content development for a very long time. We'd been shuffling different ideas about what we'd put into the site with the client but ultimately when the client finally said "go", we didn't have too much time until the original deadline. Every means of taking time out of the development schedule were to be used.

Enter Frontier. For putting the HTML together, we used BBEdit with a somewhat heavily modified version of BBSite. Basic templates that contained the navigational elements of the site were put together and the actual content of the pages was rendered into these templates.

Even though we ended up saving a lot of time for using Frontier, much of the time was spent modifying BBSite. We had multiple files in one folder that had to use different templates. We had Javascript 1.1 code that needed a different SCRIPT tag than what Frontier provides. We wanted to say "include this piece of HTML" within a template so that we could modify multiple templates by modifying one file. BBSite didn't do this, so Sulka ended up coding the functionality into BBSite - something we couldn't have done without the extensibility of Frontier.

If you're different from most people who use the web, you've actually reached this point of text before going over to the site. Guess what? The site's done in the Finnish language, so chances are you won't understand a word of it. Hope you enjoy the looks - we think PJ did a very fine job with the graphics. :)

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