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Welcome, I'm Thea and I will be hosting the Galleria with screen snapshots and a project descriptions by the developer.

Web sites with a creative blend of design, content and technology!

We also want to show off more technical sites, using ODBC, or Regex, or dynamic pages, or group publishing, or XML, or...

Interesting ideas are OK for the Galleria too, as long as they're accessible thru the web and can take a moderate amount of traffic. We want people to get that Frontier is not just for pretty sites, it can be used for powerful web-based applications and group-edited websites too.

If your doing some cool web thing with Frontier, whether it's snazzy design or technical wizardry, let me know, I'm always looking for GREAT Frontier projects.


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About this site:

  • Created and maintained in Frontier 6.0b4 on Macintosh OS
  • The entire Galleria is now a Guest Database, making it easier to back-up, maintian & far more portable.
  • The new attribute to {imageRef()}, glossRef, was used for the navigation graphics and screen snapshot links. It was also used within the Glossary to create an item that could be called by a directive on each page to change the far left section graphic (WELCOME, CURRENT, ARCHIVES etc)
  • Some editing and testing of HTML code was done with BBedit   (I'm especially fond of BBEdit's HTML syntax checker)
  • Site screen shots and graphics were prepared in Photoshop
  • ITC Benquiat Gothic, by Adobe, was the font used for logo & navigation graphics

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