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Eskind Biomedical Library Eskind Biomedical Library
The majority of the site is built and managed in Frontier. There are many people responsible for the various areas. Content Server would be perfect, but we don't have a Mac or NT server on which to run Frontier (our server infrastructure is Novell and Sun). I've duplicated the Web site table structure in directories on the Netware server and taught people the basics of the #directive and glossary mechanisms. I have a script on my workstation that scans the directory once or twice a day (it's still in development and I'm running it manually), loads the changed files into the Web site table, and renders them. There's a staff directory that is output as tab-delimited text from an Access database, and Frontier uses that to generate the overall staff directory and the list of members of each focus area.
Tommy Williams, Tommy.Williams@Vanderbilt.Edu

Foundation for the Carolinas Foundation for the Carolinas
The Foundation for the Carolinas site is a working example of the power and efficiency of Frontier's website building capabilities. Working for a non-profit client, we had to convey their message in a cost-effective manner. Using Frontier enabled us to work smartly and efficiently, which kept the client's costs to a minimum. We made extensive use of templates and link macros that shaved off many hours of work, separating the content from the structure of the website. The link macros helped us keep navigation consistent througout the site, automatically listing all the choices for that subsection and also the main section links, greying out the links where appropriate. Even with last minute client changes to section or page titles, the project went smoothly and quickly.
- Bryan Skelton,

The Birman Home Page The Birman Home Page
The Birman Home Page is an project that I started a couple of years ago. The idea was pretty simple - create a web site to share information about Birman cats. Little did I know where it would lead me. There is definitely a learning curve - sometimes a curve that is just downright hard. The problem is that as I made progress, I would find more that I could do, which would lead to learning more and exploring. Frontier is, well, just amazing! Frontier makes it easy for me to manage the site. The object database and scripting engine is a combination that makes it possible to do really cool things.
- Dave Kopper,

Daily Egyptian Daily Egyptian,
the award-winning student newspaper at Southern Illinois University
Frontier has allowed us to create a better design and include the navigation links that our users require without adding an extra frame. Previously we used three frames with the site - an ad frame on top, navigation on the left and copy in the "middle". Our pages have cleaner HTML code because it is generated from the Frontier database instead of typed in under the pressure of deadline. I look forward to the future, when resources (i.e., an old Mac) can be setup as a Frontier server to let editors e-mail stories straight to the web site.
- Kelly Thomas - WebMaster,
- James Butler - Asst. WebMaster,

The James Beard Foundation Awards The James Beard Foundation Awards
When designing this site, our biggest problem was that the day the site supposed to be launched, would be the day of the announcement of The James Beard Foundation Awards nomination. However, we would not receive the nominee lists until 3 o'clock that day, and the site must be up by 8 o'clock. With 6 award categories and 51 different awards, hand coding the site is not an option. When the nomination day came, after I got the final lists from The James Beard Foundation, I used BBEdit's grep pattern search and replace function to format the nominee lists into my XML format. Then I ran the XML objects thru a script that gave them a nice format. And, we met the deadline!.
- Kam On Cheung,

Wytheville Community College Wytheville Community College
Almost all of our content is in one kind of database or another. This is what enables us to offer the same content in different site sections, and with a different look for each. There is only one set of content, but multiple ways of presenting that content. For static pages that (typically) do not require searching, the content resides in the Frontier database, but for dynamic content such as our news which changes daily (if not more often), the content resides in Microsoft Access and is retrieved and edited via SQL using ASP. (There is a full description of the project online)
- David Carter-Tod,

Gibraltar: progressive and pyschedelic rock webzine Gibraltar: progressive and pyschedelic rock webzine
Gibraltar began as the usual mailing list digest. Once I got familiar with Frontier, I decided to expand the list into a monthly "Webzine" that features articles, columns and reviews of progressive and pyschedelic rock.
- Mike Taylor,

UNo MAS: online zine UNo MAS: online zine
Quite simply, without a tool like Frontier, UNo MAS would not exist...because the time commitment to manage a growing site like this would become too burdensome.
Adding a review is now a simple menu command "New Review". An ODB table is created, I cut and paste in review text, reviewer's name, etc. and the next time I render the site, it is added to all indexes, and to the list of recent reviews on the home page, with no additional effort. Templates for reviews and indexes also allow me to easily revise the appearrance of the reviews as well. If a new section of reviews is needed, it is automatically built and added to the site.
- Greg Pierce,

Cow Creek/Umpqua Tribal Web site Cow Creek/Umpqua Tribal Web site
Leveraging Frontier's built-in strengths and standard tools, maintaining, updating and refining 300+ pages with over 4500 links (all unbroken and completely forgotten, thanks to Frontier) is a pleasure.
Easy, clear navigation emphasizing the almost immediate delivery of information in a consistent, elegantly simple manner are Frontier's key strengths. Take those strengthens and pare them to the bone in a decidedly low-tech website - no fancy hi-tech trickery here - just the most minimal of basic HTML.
- David Handy,

Australian native plant page Australian native plant page.
When I want a link that goes back to the appropriate plant family, a macro checks the name of the object against the case statement, and returns the full link to the calling object. When I add a new photo, this macro also reminds me to add the page into this script!
- Ben Richardson,

The Jefferson Report The Jefferson Report
Content is mailed out everyday to a mailing list. With a custom script, it takes me about 1 minute to update the site and add the daily commentary to the site. Text and etc. is grabbed out of Eudora, pumped into F5, links updated, pages rendered.
- Eric Folley,

Dialogis Software & Services GmbH Dialogis Software & Services GmbH
The site is bilingual, and having a way to automate the language switch is, all by itself, enough reason for me to love Frontier forever.
- e sommer,

Newspaper at a small Danish  university Newspaper at a small Danish university.
The main motivation has been to arrive in my present situation where the worst part of making side-wide design changes is going to be all the coffee I'll have to drink while watching Frontier do all the work!
- Ulrik H. Gade,

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