Thea's Galleria of Great Frontier Web Sites

Thea I'm an artist, designer, art director, writer, computer graphics geek gal . . . . and I use Frontier to design and maintain websites.

Frontier is a very powerful tool and can be as subtle or as complex as a user needs. There are a number of excellent websites that support the technical needs of a user.

I want to support the creative potential of a tool like Frontier by showcasing those websites with an excellent blend of art, design, content and technology.

And so . . . . with Dave Winer's support and encouragement, the GALLERIA of GREAT Frontier Web Sites was born, an opportunity to celebrate, encourage and inspire the creative possibilities Frontier brings to website development.

Some background:
Way back in 1981, while studying textile design at the Ontario College of Art, I became convinced that a computer could help with the drafting of weaving patterns. After a few months writing weaving programs in PASCAL on an Apple II, I became completely smitten by pixels and computer graphics has been my focus ever since.

My career has included: illustration, newspaper graphics, multimedia presentations, design and art direction of both magazine & newspaper, teaching, public speaking, writing and website development.

Currently, I am working at Canada's new national daily newspaper, the National Post. Working on the launch of this newspaper has been an honour & exhilarating adventure. I am Production Editor for the Weekend Post magazine & Associate Designer for the Web site <>.

- Thea

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