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Filemaker and Frontier keep this fashion shopping site up-to-date.

Company: Wide Media Ltd.
Developer: Ben Edwards,

Ben Edwards describes the project:
LondonWide is a shopping site selling designer clothing from the capital of cool. With over 100 different products in a regularly changing range it was essential to create a site and stock control system that would be flexible and easy to maintain and cheap!

We used Frontier and Filemaker Pro to create a totally integrated website and retail system. All the stock information is held in a Filemaker database. When products are added or removed, Frontier pulls information from the database and renders the pages according to the current template. It then automatically updates the links and thumbnail product images within the site to reflect the changes. If we want to change the way the site looks (which we frequently do!), we just change the template and re-render the pages.

Another Filemaker database handles all the orders. Frontier parses our server's order file, creates new sales records in the database and prepares a confirmation email.

We had to write a few custom scripts to set this up and we relied heavily on the FilemakerLib scripts that ship with Frontier. Although we have no programming experience, a bit of time spent on the Frontier learning curve and previous smaller projects was enough to crack this one. It was important for the system to be easily operated by anyone in our decidedly non-techie office: Filemaker allowed us to create a nice user interface for all the Frontier scripts that do the work.

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