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The site consists of a lot of pieces ..... Frontier helps keep it all in order.

Company: Zymm Desygn
Contact: Pete Prodoehl,

Sister Moon Pete Prodoehl describes the project:

Design Overview:
Sister Moon is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Top 40 band and was in search of a very professional web presence. We first created an entire identity (from logo, photography and colors) and then fused this new look into their site. We did not want to over power the viewer with effects and loud graphics, but instead we made the site very functional and appealing. The viewer should be able to go from page to page with ease and then want to come back. It's a fun site and a great band. Check it out

Technical Details:
The Sister Moon site consists of a lot of pieces - small bits of code, from JavaScript to image maps, as well as plenty of images. Frontier helps keep it all in order. Most of the code that is used from page to page is stored in the glossary, so it can be easily inserted where needed. Using glossary entries allows for quick page building, and quick page editing, with site-wide changes being just a render away!

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