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February 23, 1998

Vignette, Vignette's demo for the publishing industry, is listening to the XML version of Scripting News and turning it into their own syndicated version.

Vignette William N. McKinney, describes the project:

The Scripting News demo shows a real world application of XML technology today. Using the new XML commands added to StoryServer's scripting language, we are reading the XML source files from your site and parsing and rendering the results to HTML.

The XML commands handle XML source documents from a static file, a string (value returned from a database lookup), or a URL (used in the Scripting news example).

Transformation commands perform logic and rendering based on the following elements within the XML document Tag start, Tag body, Tag end. This maps fairly closely with XSL functionality, that we are looking into implementing in the product.

The rendered data can then be intermixed with other StoryServer components and commands to present dynamic pages. "The syndication application, demonstrated in this demo, is just one use of the new XML services included with StoryServer 3.2.

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