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March 2, 1998


By using Frontier I only have to create new templates and images to have a "brand new" site for partners.

Company: iName
Webmaster: Ben Schochet,

iName - Alta Vista Ben Schochet describes the project:
At iName we license our email service to other websites, so I have to be able to create copies of our website for partners that look like their own.

By using Frontier I only have to create new templates and images to have a "brand new" site for partners. Examples of this process are the sites created for AltaVista and Lycos. They both have essentially the same functionality but look different in every respect. Different graphics, font colors and layouts.

I have a "control panel" that lets me enter settings for each of our partner sites. For example if I want to change the font face used for the AltaVista site I enter it in the "control panel" and it gets changed throughout the site.

I have had to make some modifications to the way Frontier renders our web sites. It now outputs the whole site 12+ times. At each pass through the site it changes directives which control the use of Templates, images, fonts, colors, ftp location, and links, so that each time through the loop it creates a new site for each of our partners.

This advantage is most pronounced when it comes time to update the site. Because all our 12+ sites are based on the one copy of HTML content if I make a change to the Lycos site it is automatically made to the AltaVista site.

In each page I also insert some special syntax that is used by our UNIX server programs to make our sites dynamically responsive for each of our users.

Because of my need to let our customer support people quickly edit our "support" HTML pages I have moved much of the content from Frontier to a shared Filemaker database and let Frontier grab the needed data at render time.

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