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Broken Links?

This page was added on Thursday, February 6, 1997, almost a year after the 24 Hours of Democracy web-essay project.

I am pretty confident that the internal links, the ones pointing within the site, are correct.

However, I can't take responsibility for maintaining the external links, the ones you reach thru the 10 Random Essays page, or the various tours and other resources put together by people who participated in the project in February 1996.

Over time, more links will probably break. Consider that part of the charm of this site! It's a snapshot in time, already a long time ago. In putting it together I was surprised that so many of the links still work. Thanks!

Further, even though the site says in places that it's still possible to register essays for the project, that is not true. I took the view of a curator. I wanted this site to reflect the original site, frozen in time, before it went off the air.

So... please don't send me email asking me to fix broken links or update pointers in the URLs table.

All the source code is available on the Download Page. You're welcome to learn from it, build on it and create new kinds of web networks, for democracy or other causes.

Let's Have Fun!


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