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The following people and organizations have generously donated their services to the 24 Hours of Democracy project.
  • Public Relations Firms

    Encourage political, entertainment and business leaders to publish statements about democracy on the Internet. Maintain a website of statements from high-profile people. Keep editors posted on new developments. Encourage coverage in the business, industry and general press. Encourage your clients to write their own love letters to the Internet. Invest in the creation of a new medium: distributed online journalism.

    Sponsors: Alexander Communications, The InterActive Agency.

  • Mail/Database Servers

    There will be a single server that will receive mail to register pages as part of the 24 Hours project. Each server maintains a database with two fields in each record: the mail address of the sender, and a URL which is extracted from the body of the mail message. The server will start accepting messages at the start time, and stop receiving messages at the end time. If there's more than one server, the databases will be merged. A script runs against the database, creating mail messages to each participant containing a next and a prev pointer. After all the mail messages go out from the primary server, all mail and database servers shut down. The merged database is made available for FTP download so other projects, including net search engines can cross-reference and index the essays.

    Sponsor: America Online.

  • Web Server

    Stores the home page for this website.

    Sponsor: HotWired.

  • Search Engines

    Index essays, provide home pages for the event. Advise on formats that are friendly to web search engines.

    Sponsors: WebCrawler, Personal Library Software.

  • Mailing List Server

    Operate a majordomo list server to act as "mission control" for the 24 Hours project..

    Sponsor: America OnLine.

  • Public Interest Groups

    Public education, publicity, legal information, legal defense. Participate. Get educators involved. Links from high flow websites to the 24 Hours home page. Advice and news on legal and political issues.

    Sponsors: Center for Democracy and Technology, Electronic Frontier Foundation.

  • Editorial Organizations

    Cover the story! Find out what the Internet has to say about itself. Make your own beliefs known, that's what editorial pages are for. Use your power to influence your readers. Think about the issues. Decide where you stand. What are your hopes and dreams for the Internet? If you plan to provide continuing coverage of the project, let's point to your site from the following list.

    Coverage: TBD, TBD, TBD.

  • Animators, Musicians, Graphics Shops, Webmasters

    Create and serve beautiful clip art from your web site. Themes are patriotism, liberty, love, George Washington's Birthday, the truth, optimism, positive energy. Write your own essay on freedom on the Internet. Show off your skills as a web designer. Use the best technology you can -- animation, music. The more creative the better. Adapt old projects. Share your talents! Focus on low bandwidth. Let's make great art happen on the 22nd. Entertain us. Win awards. ;-> Make new friends!

    Websites: See the Graphics Shops page.

  • Page Storage Servers

    Provide page storage for writers who don't have their own websites. I will provide links to pages on other servers that contain instructions on how to post a page on your server. It's important that the storage systems be high bandwidth, high uptime servers. Can you provide a higher level interface, accept pages via email? Automatically register the pages for them and maintain the links? The easier it is to participate, the more people will participate.

    Sponsors: See "Page Storage Servers".

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