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Reading the Essays

My name is Dave Winer.

This page is part of the 24 Hours of Democracy website.

On February 22, 1996, I asked the Internet to write about freedom.

It was an essay-writing assignment, like the ones you used to get in school.

Over 1000 people wrote essays.

You can get to all of the essays thru this page.

  • 10 Random Essays. This is my favorite way to read essays. The pages are constantly changing. People are getting new ideas. Come back here often. Watch it grow! (It's like an ant farm.)

  • Iván Cavero Belaúnde's JavaScript essay browser. It downloads the entire essay list once and uses JavaScript to let you walk through the essay instead of using CGI scripts.

  • Use the Search Engines page to find essays using keywords.

  • Check out the list of pending registrations. These essays will be linked into the chain in less than a week. You can add your own page to this list.

  • Check out the Picture Gallery page for graphics that link to essays. You can get to Bill Gates's and Philippe Kahn's essays from this page.

  • Gelson Machado Guarçoni's International Tour. 24 Hours pages from around the world. Don't miss this one!

  • GNN interview with Dave Winer.

  • Steve Moyer's Summary of Summaries. A very neat interface for

  • Peter Guither's 7 Days of Democracy. "And then something amazing happened. We discovered that we have neighbors."

  • Kent Barrett's Canadian Tour.

  • Eric Kidd's Dartmouth Tour.

  • Don Strickland's Family Tour.

  • Steve Moyer's excellent Executive Summaries site.

  • Dave's Tours. A series of tours of interesting 24 Hours sites prepared by your sysop, Dave Winer.

  • Scott Lawton's Tour points to a bunch of heart-grabbing essays.

  • Fine Arts Tour. A tour of artistic essays edited by Peter Guither.

Coming soooon...

  • Search engines.

  • More tours.

  • More neat net tricks.

Stay tuned!

Still diggin.


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