"Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs or cutting hair." -- George Burns

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Bill Gates: The Internet is the first medium that allows anyone with reasonably inexpensive equipment to publish to a wide audience.

Rose Stasuk: The Internet is the one place that I can self-publish without the art market infrastructure's help.

Philippe Kahn: For Centuries our people have been the victims of intolerance. The price of our freedom is the burden of having to accept the worst in public expression. For he who starts censorship will never know where and when to stop.

Phillip Suh: I never met my other grandfather. He was a preacher in North Korea. The communists thought he was saying something indecent, bad for the public health. So one day they came and bound him and his oldest son and blindfolded them and stood them by a ditch, so that when they shot my grandfather they wouldn't have to bother with carrying him into a grave.

Caleb John Clark: We're the hippies of the nineties, man! Technology is our drug, money our sex. Our "free love" is "global communication". Like the hippies, we've got the right message, but the public sees us as a group of totally irresponsible freaks ranting and raving.

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