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Did We Miss Your Essay?

It worked! There are 1078 registered essays. There are many ways to read them.

We learned from the glitches. There were a few!

We missed some essays.

Was yours one of them?

Step 1: Was your essay registered?

There's a very easy way to find out.

Check out the list of registered essays.

Hint: Netscape has a Find command. It's really useful in situations like this. On the Mac it's in the Edit menu.

Question: Is the address of your essay in the list? If so, you're registered. If not, continue to the next step...

Step 2: Check the list of pending registrations

Look at the list of pending registrations.

If your page is in that list, you're registered. If not, continue to the next step...

Step 3: Your page needs to be registered

Enter your mail address and the address of your essay. Check them twice to be sure they're correct. Click on the Submit button.

Mail Address: (e.g.

Essay Address: (e.g.

Note: It's OK to register pages for other people. Enter your email address in the form. When the reply comes back, help the page's author get linked into the chain. It's a buddy system. Sometimes that's the only way it can work.

Another note: If you want to write a new essay, that's OK too. Need some ideas?Check out the template.

Step 4: You'll get an email

Before March 2 you will receive an electronic mail message confirming the registration of your page.

It will also tell you how to modify the HTML text of your page to link it into the chain of 24 Hours pages.

Please join the Mailing List if there are problems.


Dave Winer

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