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From Spain

Roberto Hernaiz, jrhernaiz@REDESTB.ES, has something interesting to say:

My name is Roberto Hernaiz. I am a Spaniard and as such I know very well what it means not to have freedom of any kind and not living in a democracy, throughout many years we have suffered the lack of both. We've longed for it for too long. Now I wouldn't like to see Internet suffer what we've gone through for over 40 years. I wouldn't want to see it loose its freedom and democracy.

I am the father of a 13 year old and I do not want my son to see some things or get into any "indecent" programs but I know there are ways and means to avoid having any child see anything he's not supposed to. If not we as parents have to be on the look out but we can never expect to close other people's freedom.

Roberto Hernaiz

Thanks Roberto!


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