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Here are some computer-generated anagrams for "Communications Decency Act" from Mike Morton.

What's an anagram? According to Webster's New World Dictionary: "a word or phrase made from another by rearranging its letters."

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Top Ten Anagrams for "Communications Decency Act"

10. Caution cynic: Scan modem, etc.
9. Communist, candy, cocaine, etc.
8. Academic custom: Cynic on 'Net
7. Connect CIA, communist decay
6. I disconnect my Acme account
5. [This anagram too offensive to post]
4. Condoms, etc., can cue intimacy
3. Decency? Commit a sin, account!
2. Cut my academic connections
1. Click here.


A succinct edict: man, economy
CIA? Disconnect me, my account?
Connect Mosaic; induce my act
Cute, cosmetic cynic: Madonna
I accuse; condemn my tactic, no?
I accused: Connect into my Mac
I can't commend saucy conceit
Media custom: Connect a cynic
Mice may disconnect account
Scan me: CIA concocted mutiny

And, in case you lack any semblance of a life, the dregs:

A cue: connect to mad cynicism / A cynic, deacon, Communist, etc. / A nice, succinct, meaty condom / A science antic cut my condom / Accentuate condom cynicism / Accustom any indecent comic / Act accused -- I'm my connection / Ancient stucco; manic comedy / Anemic economy can't cut disc / Announce my cosmic act, edict / Announced my ecstatic comic / "Can do" science community -- act! / Can't connect Mosaic? Cue my id! / Can't deny a cosmic income-cut / Can't incite, accuse my condom / Canine comedy act, comic nuts / Cat, you can't condemn mice [sic] / Caution: disconnect my Mecca? / Cinematic comedy can't con U.S. / Comedian can't costume cynic / Comic act can do mutiny scene / Comic as my indecent account / Comic can enact my seduction / Comic scene: I can't cut Monday / Comic scene: I can't cut dynamo / Comic scene: Untidy act on Mac / Comic: "Can't deny, I consume cat" / Comment on "I can cut decay [sic]" / Commit indecent scan (O, yucca!) / Common Yucca is indecent act / Common cynic is accentuated / Conan cuts cinematic comedy / Conceit can decay Communist / Connect an icy, caustic modem / Connect cute, dynamic Mosaic / Connect music in a comedy act / Connect musician, comedy act / Connect my academic suction / Connect my acne to acid, music / Connect my caustic comedian / Connect my mind, acoustic ace / Connect to manic music, decay / Connect: A communistic decay / Connecticut maniac's comedy / Connecticut, my academic son / Cosmic menace can't undo city / Cue an accident, cosmic Monty / Cue my disc; connect to maniac / Cynic can suction a modem, etc. / Disconnect many a cute comic / Disconnect, Ma, cut my cocaine / Don't comment; I accuse a cynic / Ecstatic cynic: A condom menu / Edict: Announce my comic acts / Edict: Economy can't, music can / Edict: You can't scan comic men / Enact a cute cynicism: Condom / I accuse, I condemn my contact / I accuse, condemn natty comic / I announced, my cosmic cat, etc. / I can comment on accused city / I can't accuse; commend no city / I can't commence Inca custody / I can't comment on icy accused / I can't disconnect; cue my coma / "I can't scout decency." "I can, Mom!" / I can't, you can't commence disc / I connect to my manic, accused... / I'm a cute cynic: Enact condoms / Iconic cactus menaced Monty / Icy Communist cannot accede / Icy maniac: co-ed must connect / Indecent act? My conic mucosa! / Indecent comic can act mousy / Maniac concocted my cute sin / Manic aces concocted mutiny / May entice a succinct condom / Media connect my account [sic] / Men, you can't... / Mice can't accuse tiny condom / Modem? Cynic cannot accuse it! / Mosaic: Connect nudity, Mecca / My economic cut; I can't ascend / My succinct, one-act comedian / My, a cosmic, indecent account / Net-cynic: "Communicate codas" / Nicest commando, a cute cynic / Satanic, I cut common decency / Succinct academic -- not money / Succinct, I comment on a decay / Um, a net concocted a cynicism / Um, acne's concocted intimacy? / Uncanny edict: A cosmic comet / Uneconomic edict: Scan my cat / You can't commence antic disc / You can't commit scenic dance / You can't connect; Mecca is dim / You can't disconnect Mac-mice!

Copyright (c) 1995 by the author, Mike Morton, All rights reserved. You may reproduce this, in whole or in part, in any form provided you retain this paragraph unchanged.

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