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Phildelphia Daily News

From Chris Purdom,

The Philadelphia Daily News ran two long columns in favor of the Communications Decency Act today. One was a syndicated Mike Royko column, the other one from our own local Stu Bykofsky, who runs a sort of idiot-level gossip column on his good days.

Both of them took the position that child pornography was bad, that the CDA would only eliminate pornography and the moral equivelant of graffiti, and that the ACLU and all of techno-weenies were a bunch of spoiled whiners.

Many of the parties on this distribution list own socially useful pages that have been labeled indecent by the Religious Right, and many of you have prepared essays as part of the 24 hours of democracy project.

It should be noted that within the last two days the Daily News editorialized in the name of free speech in favor of letting Christ's Bride ministries have reduced rate billboards on mass transit that lied about cancer risks.

Please send your thoughts to the Daily News, and to your local paper if they carry Mike Royko, This is a perfect excuse to get newspaper attention.

The paper is

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