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A picture named daveTiny.jpgDave Winer, 56, is a visiting scholar at NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and editor of the Scripting News weblog. He pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software; former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, research fellow at Harvard Law School, entrepreneur, and investor in web media companies. A native New Yorker, he received a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, a Bachelor's in Mathematics from Tulane University and currently lives in New York City.

"The protoblogger." - NY Times.

"The father of modern-day content distribution." - PC World.

"Dave was in a hurry. He had big ideas." -- Harvard.

"Dave Winer is one of the most important figures in the evolution of online media." -- Nieman Journalism Lab.

10 inventors of Internet technologies you may not have heard of. -- Royal Pingdom.

One of BusinessWeek's 25 Most Influential People on the Web.

"Helped popularize blogging, podcasting and RSS." - Time.

"The father of blogging and RSS." - BBC.

"RSS was born in 1997 out of the confluence of Dave Winer's 'Really Simple Syndication' technology, used to push out blog updates, and Netscape's 'Rich Site Summary', which allowed users to create custom Netscape home pages with regularly updated data flows." - Tim O'Reilly.

8/2/11: Who I Am.

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Dave Winer's weblog, started in April 1997, bootstrapped the blogging revolution.

Why your Occupy event should have a feed Permalink.

Lots of organizations that are doing Occupy events have blogs and therefore have feeds. But some are relying exclusively on Facebook, and those events can't be part of a RSS-based information flow.

It's really easy to get a feed. One comes for free with every blog. So if you have a Tumblr or Wordpress blog, or any other popular blog flavor, that's all you need. Even if you're using Facebook to communicate, it's helpful if you can broadcast the big news to the non-Facebook world by adding it to a blog that lives outside of Facebook.

Facebook is the equivalent of Wall Street in the tech world. So it's important that you communicate not just with people inside Facebook, but those outside as well.

If you have questions, feel free to post them here.

In the 60s they burned draft cards Permalink.

They burned draft cards and bras.

So I wondered what will be today's equivalent, and then it hit me.

Will we burn our Facebook pages? I believe I will do it.

I wonder who else.

We're looking for "Occupy" sites! Permalink.

Hi! I'm Dave Winer, and I'm really in awe of what's going on around the country in the communities and also on the web. Lots of really smart people who want to be part of a great country, and actually doing something about it.

My contribution is a news site where you can follow all the updates from people who are blogging about the events, with first-hand accounts, pictures and movies.


We're also finding links to mainstream articles and adding them to the flow as well. Not just good ones, all kinds. Let's find out what people are saying.

Anyway, here's a list of the sources we have so far:

If there's a site in your community, you might want to get involved.

And if you know of a local site that we don't have in the list, please post a comment here.

Thanks! :-)

Occupy Silicon Valley? Permalink.

A picture named manInBlack.gifIt's great that occupations are springing up all over the United States. But I wonder when will there be an occupation of Silicon Valley? It feels kind of weird for me to raise the question because I lived and worked in Silicon Valley for many years. I know some of the people who run the place. Lived in Woodside, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Los Gatos. My neighbors were the power brokers of the valley. And some of them are people who I did business with, who I like as human beings, and who I think are basically just as good as any of us. However, in pursuit of more wealth, they represent every bit as much what's wrong with our economic system as any Wall Street banker.

Instead of bundling parcels of mortgages and turning them into derivatives, they bundle up parcels of people and turn them into masses of users, who generate content. Then they sell access to those users for a price, to other businesses. The problem is that as growth levels off, and it's sure to do that (how many more groups of 800 million can Facebook find, and where will they have to go to find them, and who will they have to sell out to to get there) -- they're going to have to take more from those users. Zuck calls it "sharing." The rest of us call it "privacy."

Ahh so you think there is no such thing as privacy. Think again. Do you want to see every piece of porn everyone you know is looking at? That's a lot of porn, and some of it might be fairly tasteless. Live and let live we all say, until you put your life in my face. Do you want your friends (and everyone else) to know everything you buy at the grocery store? Every phone call you make? Your exact whereabouts at any moment? What power this would give to stalkers. And what fear this would cause in those who are stalked.

So while Silicon Valley is enabling an ever-more-intrusive role for networks, how about occupying a bit of Silicon Valley, as a reminder that users are people, just like they are. And that turnabout is fair play.

© Copyright 1997-2011 Dave Winer. Last build: 12/12/2011; 1:26:16 PM. "It's even worse than it appears."

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