I know the Dolan family owns the Knicks, but they don't own New York.

They can keep playing here if they want, but if they want to call the team the New York Knicks, they have to sell the team to someone who will build something New York-like, something that works, and isn't built around one very inadequate person's ego.

If anything about New York has been constant for all its history is scale, longevity, audacity, philosophy and sheer excellence when compared to the rest of the country. The Knicks make more sense in a city that's famous for humiliating itself. I'll leave that to your imagination. But they've had their chance. It's time for the Dolans and New York to take leave of each other.

Maybe Staten Island wants them?

12/02/13; 06:12:30 PM

I've started to eat coconut oil on the recommendation of a friend. I'm on my third jar of the stuff, each from a different manufacturer. I was reading the label on the most recent purchase, they told a nice story of how they make the stuff. You can see little bits of coconut in the oil, which is solid at room temperature and doesn't require refrigeration. Then I wondered what the factory looks like and and the process of making it. Then I realized in the times we live in, it would be totally reasonable to be able to go to their website and watch a video, perhaps taken by an objective third party, that shows the factory is like, and how they make it. I would find that interesting. It seems totally possible, and if companies start doing it, it could be a reason to buy their product.

12/02/13; 05:28:54 PM

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