Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 1:28 PM

Help with Twitter metadata?

Here's a link to my new liveblog software (still very much in development).

Try viewing that link in Twitter's card validator.

I see an error that isn't help me to figure out what's wrong.

ERROR: FetchError:exceeded 4.seconds to Portal.Pink-constructor-safecore while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable) (Card error)

If you have experience with Twitter card metadata, do you have any ideas about how I can get this working? I'd really like to have links look as good in Twitter as they do in Facebook. (That's a requirement, not a like.)

Thanks in advance!

I'm trying to think but nothing happens!

Update -- found the problem

Marco Fabbri confirmed the metadata was valid by storing it on another server and it validated. He said to check if I was getting a call from twitterbot. His theory was my Heroku server was blacklisted because of another app running on the same physical machine. This theory turned out not to be correct, but it led me to the fix.

  1. I was getting a request from Twitterbot, for /robots.txt.

  2. My little server app wasn't doing anything special for that file, and it thought it was a twitter user, so it tried to fetch its reader app, opml file, etc, and got lost.

  3. Twitter got a timeout for the /robots.txt call.

  4. It barfed.

The fix.

  1. Add a special case for "/robots.txt" and return a 404.

Result -- twitter love!

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By Dave Winer, Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 1:28 PM. Only steal from the best.