Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 10:38 AM

What's the best JavaScript editor?

On March 23, I posted a short-term roadmap for MyWord Editor, including this:

The editor is a plain pre-HTML5 <textarea>. There are lots of great projects underway to do beautiful full-featured text editing in JavaScript. I did a survey of them last week, and have reached out privately to some of the authors of these tools. I want to get great text editing in MWE. But first I wanted to get the open source release out there.
The editor is now released, people have successfully gotten their own servers running, and yesterday I released the first version of templating. I'd say the train is rolling.

What's the best text editor?

Now I'd like to swing back to the question of text editing.

There are lots of editors to choose from. They all presumably have advantages and disadvantages. I'd like to host a discussion here. What would be the best editor to use?


The two I looked at most closely were medium.js and Dante.

The genre of editor that makes the most sense is one that's trying to mirror the Medium feature set. That's what both these editors aim to do.

But there are other drop-in editors written in JavaScript. I wanted to cast a net as wide as possible to see what would come back.

This is a decision lots of other people have had to make.

For example, what does Ghost use? I assume WordPress wrote their own? Did they? Tumblr?

They all had to make the same decision.

Update 4/2/15

I decided to put a very low-tech plug-in architecture in MWE.

You can read about it here.

In a word, the architecture is this: fork.

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