Saturday, July 4, 2015 at 8:55 AM

Let's create an open source Medium clone

To weekend JavaScript hackers..

I would love to help create an open source Medium clone, so you don't see things like this. An open source program putting user advisories in a silo. This is wrong. These docs should be put in a place that has some chance of longevity.

I've done half of the work. Check out MyWord Editor. It's also on GitHub.

Then check out medium.js. Looks pretty good.

Can you figure out how to merge the two? I want to make the text area part of MyWord Editor to use medium.js, and do it in a nice way. Once we have that, I can take it from there.

I put a fair amount of time trying to get this to work, but failed to get a reasonable subset of medium.js to work in a standalone app. Once we have this connection, we'll be most of the way there. Not only will we have an editor, but the content will be stored in an S3 bucket. If you want to run the back-end, that's open source too.

For the right person this is probably a two-session job. A good chance to work together to help the web.

PS: This is a perfect project for Independence Day weekend!

PPS: Here's an example of a page rendered by MyWord Editor. Click the hamburger icon for a list of other examples.

Update #1

Somehow I got on the trail to Medium-Editor, which, knock wood, appears to be just what I was looking for.

The difference between it and the others is simply docs. Their docs lead you step by step through integrating it with your app. I was able to put together a quick prototype in a half-hour and didn't hit any glitches along the way. It. Just. Worked. That's what I aspire to with my own published toolkits.

So, unless anything terrible happens, and of course it could, I expect to have a new version of MWE that uses this editor in place of the plain HTML <textarea>.

Update #2

I'm integrating Medium-Editor with MyWord Editor.

There are some display glitches, but it works.

Here's a page I edited with the new version. Look at all the wizzyness.

Update #3

Well, the docs aren't actually that good. What I need is a simple app that does most of the things a text editor does, so we have code to crib that works. Because it doesn't exist, I have to create it before I can attempt to make it work for real inside MyWord Editor.

Here's a test app. It saves the text you type into localStorage, as you type it.

When you go over 6 lines, something very bizarre happens. The lines appear outside the box. And they display in a very odd way. Here's a screen shot.

Ideally, I'd like it to behave like a normal textarea, and when the text grows longer than the box, a vertical scrollbar appears. I'd settle for it working without these display glitches. I'll keep experimenting to see if I can stumble on the right way to do this.

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