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Friday, January 12, 2018
President Shithole goes for his physical.#
XML-RPC started in 1998, which means it's about to be 20 years old. I think this is the first post about it. Not very specific. We were already working on it, but we hadn't yet hooked up with the people at Microsoft. From a quick scan it looks like the actual protocol we standardized on didn't come out publicly until June. Pretty sure we had something working internally at UserLand in March or April.#
Ooops. We missed the 20th anniversary of RSS. The format that became RSS was rolled out in December 1997. Here's the piece where that was announced. I guess we missed the party. Open formats don't have PR firms. 💥#
It's really weird, the date on the piece is wrong. It was December 27, not December 15. You can see that in the copy, it talks about being between Christmas and New Years. And mentions a piece that wasn't written until December 23. And I actually remember that this was on the 27th. Somehow, at some point, my CMS screwed this up. Which is weird because this is a static file. Looks like it was rebuilt some time in 2004. In any case if anyone wonders, the date is incorrect. #
An unusually long podcast about Occam, Wolff, war, medicine, programming, debugging, hacking, Russia, war again, Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Watergate, Buzzfeed News, Ben Smith, the dossier, ladders, the elite, working together, and the day it hits us that this is not Watergate, will be another day like November 8, 2016. The gatekeepers, the elite, don't want to give up their positions on the ladder, so ideas that threaten that can't get through. Instead we have to be systematic about letting ideas in. There's a lot of tough love in here, but it's important.#
I was out walking in the morning rush hour in Manhattan, everyone looks so nice. I wondered, since #metoo has the world been treating attractive women better? Has cat-calling diminished? Leery looks? Inappropriate comments? #

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