It's even worse than it appears.
Icy light this afternoon in the park. #
New header image, MLK at a rally. Previous, almost-frozen pond in upstate NY.#
Clear-thinking and goal-oriented users are a blessing for software developers. #
The AWS CLI is much faster than the web interface. #
It took a while but I got the static Flickr site uploaded. I'll write more about it tomorrow. Meanwhile the Random button is fun. #
It's not a project I could undertake personally, but I would love a version of Frontier that runs on Ubuntu. Then I could move my whole act there. It's the only reason I have to use a Mac for my dev work. #
I'm even older than Aaron Sorkin, and I can't believe he said that. The "young people" he's talking about is of course AOC who should keep doing exactly what she's doing. So brilliant and clear-thinking and joyful. Exactly what we need now. And of course she has the answer. #
At DLD, an annual tech conference in Munich, the week before Davos, Sheryl Sandberg asks What Kind of Internet Do We Want? Her company is suffocating the open web, so itโ€™s really not her question to ask. Imho, ultimately we'll think of the big tech companies the way we think of any powerful dominant industry. Imagine the CEO of Exxon on stage asking What Kind of Environment Do We Want? The pundits would say "see there's nothing to worry about, Exxon wants the best for us." And of course they don't. Not their job. #
Also I see what she did there. Sandberg asks what kind of internet do we want. Hah. As if what we want has anything to do with it. They hire good PR consultants and speech writers at Facebook. The best. Remember, never automatically accept the premise of a question. #
James Ball writing in the Columbia Journalism Review says tech companies should not fund journalism, for the same reasons I've been giving for decades. But he misses one. Tech has created a level playing field where you and I have equal chance to write the news as any comfortable Church of The Savvy pundit. Journalism wants money from tech so they can keep pretending they are the source of truth for the masses, when their lazyness and corruption have made our lives worse. We need an Indivisible for journalism. Journalism should compete with tech, as distasteful as it may be for them to create a level playing field where all of us can report the news. Tech had the guts to give all of us an equal voice. Journalism must match that. #
  • If you recall, I asked Flickr for the archive of my photos. I got most of them. Spent some time trying to understand the connection between the JSON bits and the JPEG bits. Finally found the correlation. Then I spent a day building a static site from all that info, and uploaded it to a folder on, which is a bucket on Amazon S3. #
  • The result is 5815 pages like this. #
  • I like to hit the Random button and when I find something interesting, hit the prev button until I find the beginning of the sequence, and then hit the next button to go through them.#
  • I also included a link to the Scripting News blog page for the day the photo was taken. Often you'll get an idea of the context, where I was, what I was doing, maybe even some comments on the picture itself. I tended to upload pictures to Flickr when I was traveling somewhere. To Amsterdam, New Orleans, driving cross country, going to a political convention, or a tech conference. #

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