It's even worse than it appears.
If you want to lead, you have to give away a lot of your ideas.#
If blogging didn’t exist we’d have to invent it. “People writing what they know, fluidly, publicly, with an archive for the future.” That’s it. #
Poll: The Repubs want to have a virus-free convention, no masks, no social distancing, the place packed with Trump supporters yelling Lock Everybody Up Except Our Beloved Trump. Now the question. Will this event actually happen?#
I still want an automatic blog indexer web app. I would pay you $50 a year to do this for my blog. Create a website that's organized like the index in the back of a book. It digests my new stuff every day (or hourly, even better), and adds each item under topics in the index. I'd like to read everything I've written about the Voting Rights Act, for example, or Steve Jobs. But not as a search, as something I browse. Back when I used to read printed books, sometimes I'd spend hours reading a book via its index. A bootstrap. I'd love to help drive such a project. We need this. #
I predicted something like this. Yesterday at the supermarket, I glanced behind in the checkout line, saw a woman who had pulled her mask down. She seemed very naked, as if she had pulled her pants down and you could see everything. Sexual. Very forbidden. A month ago, it wouldn't have been a thing at all.#
Oy. I’ve been using DuckDuckGo in my blog archive, thinking it’ll hold up better over time than Google searches, but I overlooked this, Apple could buy them, and I tend not to trust their links over the long haul. #
One thing that's needed is a canonical place to point about news that isn't behind a paywall. I want to point to something definitive from my blog for Defund The Police. All that Google finds are news articles on paywalled sites, or ones infused with spyware, or ones whose archives won't last.#
Yesterday I asked for tips for patio lounge chairs. I got a lot of suggestions, but I should have been clear about what I want. Something that looks like this. #

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