Elmer Masters: Dave Winer’s Outliner, Fargo.#

TechDirt: Russia Orders Bloggers To 'Register'; Outlaws Anonymous Blogging, Continues Clampdown On Social Media.#

NPR: Injured Sherpa On Why He'll Never Climb Mount Everest Again. #

NYT: Up Close on Baseball’s Borders.#

Scripting News: NakedJen and word-wrap.#

Fargo Publisher 0.95 adds the ability to define pages in JavaScript. #

How Heartbleed transformed HTTPS security into absurdist theater.#

NYT: Harvey, Asked to Delete Post, Leaves Twitter.#

Quartz: Why your dinky little startup is worth billions of dollars.#

BBC: Czech deer still avoid Iron Curtain.#

I love Node.js, but it's a lot of work to put together a script to run as a service in Node. I kept wondering if it could be made easier. I found a little time in early April to give it a try, and it worked really well. Today I released the result as Fargo Publisher 0.95.#

Basically, there's a new scripts sub-folder of the data folder, which is part of the Amazon S3 hierarchy that Publisher runs from. Any file in that folder that ends with ".js" can be called through the server app. If the script is in count.js and the server is running at pub.fargo.io, you'd access it through this URL: http://pub.fargo.io/count. You can try it, click the link. Reload the page. Every time you load it, the count should increment.#

A picture named script.gif#

globals is a global object that you can hang persistent values on. They persist for the life of the server, when it's rebooted it's reset. You can think of it as a scratchpad. #

This is a very simple system. That's about all there is to it. #

Scripting News: Google Glass smells bad.#

Jon Krakauer: Sherpas, Death, and Anger on Everest. #

Nick Bilton: "This past week, I bought 4,000 new followers on Twitter for the price of a cup of coffee."#

Post: Knicks fire coach Mike Woodson, rest of staff.#

Guardian: Everest Sherpas divided over call to halt climbs.#

Today's background image is a boat on the Hudson.#

Today's ride: 48 minutes, 6.91 miles.#

Scripting News: Bare-bones Heroku do.#

Fargo 1.56: Use Fargo to edit more than one WordPress site.#

Today's background image is Bob Marley. #

Powdered alcohol.#

Why Carmelo Anthony Should Leave the Knicks.#

One of Wikimedia's largest donors accused in paid editing scandal.#

NYT: Adrianne Wadewitz, 37, Wikipedia Editor, Dies After Rock Climbing Fall.#

News organizations can and should take an active interest in the development of the communities they serve. Interest doesn't just mean "reporting on" -- when they see an opportunity for new development that isn't already happening, why not point it out? Help direct attention where it's needed.#

Here's a fantastic example. We get a pitch for a new streetcar line along the waterfront in Brooklyn and Queens, connecting Ikea in Red Hook with a great swimming pool at the end of the Triboro Bridge in Astoria. And along the way connecting lots of diverse neighborhoods, all in various stages of rebirth. It's an idea very much in tune with the times. And presented so that you also get a visual tour of the neighborhoods. It's appealing, interesting, and exciting! I love this kind of journalsim #

Today's background image is Mount Everest.#

NYT: White House Hosts ‘Next Generation’ Young and Rich.#

Netcraft: Chrome users oblivious to Heartbleed revocation tsunami.#

I like everything about this word.#

It's nice to spell, and nice to say. #

It must be good, because we do so much of it.#

Only smart people use it! #

It's kind of hidden in his usually impersonal blog, PressThink, but there's a great story buried in there, about the family he grew up in. Well worth reading, esp because it explains the mindset of a natural-born blogger. We're the people who witness insanity, and wish to advise people on how not to be that way. It's a pointless job, and Jay explains why, but I won't spoil it. #

Scripting News: WordPress-to-OPML source.#

Tom Negrino reviews OmniOutliner 4 Pro for MacWorld.#

Neil Tyson on the barriers he faced as a young black kid on his way to becoming an astrophysicist#

A music-less version of the video for Pharrell Williams’ hit song Happy.#

Phil Jackson praises Mike Woodson.#

Inc: The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship.#

Montana GOP candidate shoots at government drone in ad.#

Walmart destroying MoneyGram and Western Union with new money transfer service.#

Guardian: The Truman Show, the 1998 film about a man who unwittingly has his entire life filmed for a TV show, could itself become a TV series.#

NYU Local: Meta television gives writers, producers and showrunners something completely new to work with.#

Scripting News: WordPress to OPML, working!#

Scripting News: How the cloud should work.#

Fargo 1.54. There's one new feature in this release, the ability to download an entire WordPress site into a Fargo outline.#

Wired: New Exoplanet Could Be Earth’s Cousin.#

Appeals court says blogs are not only media, they’re an important source of news and commentary.#

Today's background image is a view from Broadway LIRR station in Flushing.#

Oy. The Nets are in the playoffs. Everyone who cares about basketball in NYC knows it. And we're all Knicks fans. I have never met a Nets fan. That said, I'm sure most NY basketball fans were planning on rooting for the Nets, as the hometown team that made the playoffs this year. Then they ran this ad:#

A picture named dumbDumbDumb.gif#

Now really, guys, let's not overplay it. There are lots of tickets available for the Nets playoff games. I go to Nets games when the Knicks are out of town. I was thinking of possibly maybe going to a Nets playoff game. But if they think they're going to score points with Knicks fans by trashing them. Well they don't understand their home market.#

A much better approach. "We know you don't care about us. But we're going to play our hearts out in the post-season, knowing full well you'd much rather be watching the Knicks. We hope to win you over. Not this year, not next, but maybe in a few years, we'll have earned your loyalty. A little of it. In the meantime we know we're barely on the radar. We had a good year. We have a long way to go and we know it. Love, The Nets."#

Now if by some miracle they were to actually win something in the post-season, then a little gloating might be in order. A little. Not too much. Keep it polite. #

Van Gundy: Nets sandbagged to avoid drawing Bulls.#

Scripting News: The press isn't getting Heartbleed.#

NYT interview with Mark Zuckerberg. #

Media are the things in the middle.#

Meet the guy who added $2 billion to Twitter's valuation yesterday. #

Seagate’s LaCie Admits to Yearlong Breach of Customer Card Data.#

The thing that impresses me most about Secret is the authoring experience. What Medium pioneered, they've taken to the next level.#

Today's background image is a Banksy.#

Given the amount of investment money flowing to companies like Dropbox, you could start a company with the goal of hiring enough engineers to create a target to be bought by one of them. Programmers, it seems, are the tulips of this bubble. Create a cushy environment, and make one of the benefits a payout when the company is bought. Obviously you want to hire programmers who are good at taking the tests the big companies have for new hires. And it pays to develop their skills using the technology of the company that you want to be bought by.#

Scripting News: Old-time laptops.#

Scripting News: Ted Nelson on an iPhone.#

Game of Thrones Sets New Torrent Swarm Record.#

Tavern on the Green reopens April 24.#

Secret: The acquihire offers Dropbox is making are insane.#

I'm working on a utility in JavaScript that converts an entire WordPress blog to OPML so you can use Fargo as a blog editor. It's more than an export for WordPress, because Fargo can edit the documents and save them back to WordPress,#

It's kind of nice to be able to edit a whole website in an outline. Soon you'll be able to do that for WordPress, and not just new sites, also for existing ones. Like this. #

As part of the development process, I converted the old Rebooting the News site to OPML. You can open the file in Fargo, by copying the URL to the clipboard, then switch into Fargo, choose Open By Url from the File menu and paste the URL. Of course you can't edit it, it's not your blog, but if it were you would be able to. #

Making progress! #

Along the way today I used a picture I had been holding on to. I thought it was interesting that you can now read Ted Nelson's seminal Dream Machines and Computer Lib on an iPhone. Carl Sagan said: "We are the local embodiment of a Cosmos grown to self-awareness." On a smaller, humbler, human scale, the iPhone is an imperfect representation of the visions documented in Nelson's books. That it can present the work that led to itself is amazing evidence of how much we've gotten done in our generation. It's all there and it fits in the palm of your hand! #

The full Sagan quote#

We are the local embodiment of a Cosmos grown to selfawareness. We have begun to contemplate our origins: starstuff pondering the stars; organized assemblages of ten billion billion billion atoms considering the evolution of atoms; tracing the long journey by which, here at least, consciousness arose. Our loyalties are to the species and the planet. We speak for Earth. Our obligation to survive is owed not just to ourselves but also to that Cosmos, ancient and vast, from which we spring. #


Daddy does love brunch!#

Today's ride: 45 minutes, 6.79 miles. #

This week's Cosmos explained how plants produce clean energy. #

Today's background image is Gloria Foster as the Oracle in The Matrix.#

Gizmodo: A Pyramid Built To Track the End of the World.#

From now on when anything weird or dangerous happens you'll wonder if you're experiencing a Heartbleed hack.#

2001 Internet World interview re SOAP and XML-RPC.#

Gothamist: Prospect Park Bike Lane Doesn't Impede Traffic.#

Lifehacker: Stop Telling Yourself You're Too Busy.#

Talk and listen instead of arguing. #

Great piece and here's a wonderful insight: "There is no greater mistake than the hasty conclusion that opinions are worthless because they are badly argued." Even people who communicate well, fall apart when they're scared. So when it gets intense, you have to try to listen even better than you normally would. Which is tough, because you're scared too (when arguing).#

On Twitter, Rob Tweed mentions an interview I did with InternetWorld in 2001 about SOAP and XML-RPC.#

It's interesting timing because I'm working on a project that uses XML-RPC in node.js. So I'm actively coding in the framework we designed in 1998, and also get to read about what I was thinking at the time. It's preserved on archive.org. Haven't worked at this level in a decade or more. #

What's really cool is to see the support was already there in node.js, and it works really well. That's excellent. People working together over large blocks of time. Probably not because it's good or idealistic, rather because it's useful and fits into what we're doing. #

It totally validates what I was saying in the interview. #

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

August 2012: We could make history.#

Doc Searls to Mozilla: Come back home.#

Statue Of A Homeless Jesus Startles A Wealthy Community.#

Pando: Pierre Omidyar’s quarter billion dollar journalism project seems to have stopped publishing.#

Condoleezza Rice is the background image for today's Scripting News.#

I'm an adult and responsible for my own torture. #

I signed up for the EmpireJS conference in May here in NYC. At the time there were no speakers announced. They promised to announce one every day until the roster filled out. And of course, no surprise really -- they're all very young. I'm sure they know a lot about JavaScript, but surely there are some more experienced older people who also know about this great language? I'm not volunteering to speak, this is not a pitch to invite me to present. But now I have a better idea how women and non-whites feel going to tech conferences. I wonder how people will react to me, with my gray beard, and knowledge of things other than JavaScript! #

Now I have two examples of young tech entrepreneurs who are experiencing serious age disconnectedness. #

First there was Zuck, who hired an 85-year-old architect to design Facebook's new campus. Would he consider giving such responsibility to an 85-year-old software engineer? How about a 45-year-old one? Zuck is smart but very young, and one of the things you learn with age is about age itself. It's totally impossible for a 29-year-old, genius or not, to have any idea what his or her capabilities will be as he or she grows older. #

I don't usually like to flaunt what I've learned in life, but on this issue, it's required. I was very scared of aging when I was 29. The fear grew as I turned 40. By 50 I was numb to it. Now as I approach 60 the only thing I fear are the disabilities that come with age. Age itself isn't a problem. #

Then Drew Houston hires Condoleezza Rice as a board member. I didn't object although others did. They didn't have a problem with her age (59), it was her politics they didn't like. But if you will rely on such an obsolete person to be part of the governance of your company, why not as part of its leadership? #

The disconnect: If Frank Gehry can be creative and break new ground at 85, which he certainly is doing, why the fuck can't I, according to the young people who now run our industry? Can't you find some competitive advantage from using the unique abilities that come with experience? Why didn't Dropbox hire a 25-year-old version of Ms Rice for their board? In the answer is a big aha moment, if you answer truthfully.#

BTW, this motto is one of the reasons I don't bother offering an opinion about who a company chooses as a board member. It's powerless to threaten to stop using a product. It's also presumptuous. I don't think any company really cares whether one or two people stop using their product. Of course they do care if a substantial portion of their users do, but you are powerless to cause that. So if you really care, just do it.#

I said on Twitter last night that Heartbleed is bigger than Watergate or the war in Iraq. I got a little pushback on that. Of course the numbers don't match up yet, but long before there were hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, we were on an inexorable path to that. Iraq is a relatively small and contained geography, and the war started before the explosion of networking. Today, the scope of the net, things we use it for, reach into every corner of civilization. Even a slight collapse at the core of the net could disrupt things, and not in the nice way that creates 20-something billionaires. #

Look, sooner or later there will be a meltdown of the net. We were headed for that long before Heartbleed. I never said what I believed because I didn't want to be the first to say it. But we have been building more complex systems and more life-sustaining dependencies on a fragile and insecure system. The ability to do harm increases with every new dependency. When the network equivalent of Katrina happens, it will be felt everywhere. #

Imho the owners of tech are soon going to wish they didn't own it. So far it's been a very profitable thing. It's been changing for a long time, but till now the changes haven't been visible. It's hard to understand, but when we all feel it, we won't need analogies to explain it. #

Special Podcast: What the Fuck!#

Scripting News: Interapplication communication in JavaScript.#

If you're interested in how the tech game is played, you must read this piece by Ryan Tate in Wired about how Facebook is evolving. Lots of food for thought.#

Second ride of the year. 30 minutes. 4.86 miles. Serious butt hurt, but it feels great to be moving again. #

Today's background image is the Hudson River, glowing in the warm spring sunlight.#

Knicks’ plan: Re-sign Melo, bottom out, ink big free agent in 2015.#

NYT: How Badly Did the Knicks Lose This Season? Let Us Count the Ways.#

Facebook is run by someone who is comfortable with the way the pieces fit together in software, where Twitter can't manage what seems a fairly simple corner-turn. Twitter needs to evolve a new higher-level product, where the current Twitter is the machine room, the newsroom, the table in the conference room off to the side of the newsroom. They have the news system of the future, all they have to do it experiment with a variety of different styles of presentation. They would have gotten there a lot sooner with less risk if they had left the developer community alone, but they could still do it if they had a flexible, gutsy sort of Zuck or Gates at the helm. That was the power of Gates, he didn't mind shipping a shitty product, and then completely changing the way it worked based on what they learned in the market. Twitter needs to do some of that. Zuck, with a lot more to lose, seems willing to roll the dice. This seems like a replay of Microsoft versus Lotus in the early 90s. Anyway, I'm rambling (no 140-character limit here). Go read Ryan's piece. It's really worth it. #

284 retweets. That's some kind of record (for me at least).#

The NSA has exploited Heartbleed bug for years, Bloomberg reports.#

Pando: Truth lets teens send anonymous SMS to each other.#

Drew Houston on Rice's appointment to the Dropbox board.#

Pando: Why Dropbox won’t drop Condoleezza Rice from its board.#

Joe Moreno: $5,000 Security Breach.#

Can you believe it's already April 11? Tax day is next week. A couple of weeks later I have a birthday. Not a big one, but getting close. But I'm still here. Knock wood. Praise Murphy. #

First ride of the year!#

It would be so easy to pop open a window, let you write a few paragraphs, and then post a link to your tweet stream. With the new profile layout, they could even provide a list of your most recent posts. I've been wondering about this for a while. Esp now that people are basically writing blog posts in their tweet stream (e.g. Marc Andreessen, but there are others). #

It's hard to imagine something worse happening. #

And I think we're late responding to it. If this were a single system so compromised, the right technique would be to go offline and not come back until all connection points were patched or verified to not need patching. #

It's risky that we all keep using the net.#

My longtime friend Jodi Mardesich has a new job reporting for ReadWrite. #

Years ago, I used to work with a lot of reporters, largely on background, because I enjoyed being part of the news process. When I worked with Jodi, she was at the SJ Merc. Early days of the web. I had some excellent sources, and I gave her one really great story. #

My source was Woz. Apple was getting ready to fire their CEO, and replace him with Steve Jobs. Woz wanted me to get the story out leak the story. I chose Jodi as the conduit because I knew she'd tell the story well, and could be trusted to protect her sources. We've been friends a long time. Happy to welcome her back.#

I also played a small role in getting ReadWrite started. When Richard MacManus started the site, it was a Radio blog, among the first. I always feel pride at having helped them when they were getting started. #

Since I am a regular in Central Park, I see a skyline that many people don't, the one at the southern end of the park. #

It's interesting because it's rapidly developing. #

I wrote a blog post after a snowstorm in January that showed the shadow effect of the first new building to pop up.#

You can see the next huge building to go up, popping up over the GM building. It's at Park Ave and 56th St. It's going to be the tallest residential building in North America at almost 1400 feet. Super-luxury apartments. Check out the site, esp the page where you can sample the view from various levels. The one from 1271 feet is absolutely stunning.#

Scripting News: Dropbox tone-deaf? Hardly.#

Scripting News: Secret may be the next thing.#

Annotator is an open-source JavaScript library to easily add annotation functionality to any web page.#

Suggestion for browser makers. Warn users if they're on a site that's running a vulnerable version of OpenSSL.#

Today's background image, spring is approaching. #

How to have an out of body experience.#

NYT: A 'Code Death' for Dying Patients.#

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