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Macintosh Internet Developer Association

This is UserLand Software's MIDAS website. Here are the projects that we're active in and our contributions to the MIDAS process.

Apple Event Interface for External Editing
  A protocol that makes it possible to edit text and scripts stored in Frontier's object database using specialized editors such as BBEdit and Script Debugger.
  Mark Alldritt's comments
  The author of Script Debugger comments on the Apple Event Interface for External Editing.
Client-Side Includes
  Here's a proposal for a new tag to be supported by web browsers.
FCGI Gateway
  With more web servers coming on the market there's an opportunity to streamline the connection to Frontier.
  A web based discussion is taking place about the future of glossaries.
Handle-based Base 64 Encoder/Decoder
  C source code that makes it easy to encode handles in a MIME-compatible way.
  Base64 for HyperCard
  C source code for Base 64
HTML Hints
  Starting with Frontier 4.2 we are hinting our HTML. Here's how...
Internet Config 2.0
  A couple of months ago I started talking with members of the MIDAS group about what could be done beyond Internet Config 1.2 for storing information that's accessible to all net clients, servers, and content software running on a Mac.
Macro Confusion
  An attempt to resolve a long-term confusing issue -- how to delimit macros in text that's going to flow out to the web.
Macro Syntax
  Chuck Shotton's spec for the <macrosyntax> tag.
Mail Agent Protocol
  We document the current mail agent protocol implemented by Eudora and Frontier, and suggest a framework allowing other mail clients to hook in.
Mail Framework
  Here's a listing of all the important pieces of the Mail Agent framework as implemented in Frontier.
MCF and UserLand
  UserLand is working on both sides of the Meta Content Format spec -- in content tools and in browsers.
MIDAS Announcement
  Formation of Macintosh Internet Developers Association (MIDAS) Announced at MacWorld.
MIDAS Board Meetings
  Jan 97 Board Meeting
  Jan 97 Ski Trip
Midas Inaugural Message
  This was the first message on the MIDAS mailing list, from Chuck Shotton, cshotton@biap.com, Mon, Jul 29, 1996.
Object Database Engine
  Ideas for ODB Engine
  ODB Engine API
  ODB Engine Sample App
Page Rendering Proposed Standard
  Sorting out conflicts between page rendering software, across platforms.
Scriptable Database Proposal
  We need a faster lower-tech connection to FileMaker.
System-wide Hotlink Proposal
  What should happen when you cmd-2click on some text in any Macintosh application.
URL Standard Apple Event Suite
  The spec that connects emailers, news readers, FTP clients and web browsers on the Macintosh, at the simplest level.
UserLand's Interests
  Why UserLand is participating in MIDAS.

Defacto standards

John Norstad, j-norstad@nwu.edu, developer of NewsWatcher and one of the designers of the URL Standard Apple Event Suite back in 1994, asked that the Midas group take responsibility for the evolution of the standard. I volunteered to store the text of the spec on my website. This suite is now broadly supported by Mac net clients. Anyone have a list?

Midas coverage on DaveNet

I wrote about this in [Macro error: Can't find a sub-table named "glossary".] , 7/16/96. It contains a call to action to developers, non-Macintosh platform vendors, and high technology investors. Midas is the response to that call.

Then, from the floor of MacWorld Expo/Boston, on 8/7/96, I wrote a brief DaveNet piece, [Macro error: Can't find a sub-table named "glossary".] , that contained the press release announcing MIDAS, and a few brief comments.

Since then, MIDAS has actually started to function. It's great to have a place to take problems that don't just belong to one company. Let's make it happen, let's make it work!

Other MIDAS Sites

Dave Winer
UserLand Software

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