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List of Showcased Sites

PMC-Sierra Inc.
Frontier 6.0 with a custom-designed editing suite, delivers an intelligent website and a comprehensive workflow system.

Haddock Directory
A directory of 5,000 URLs on more than 300 pages, all of which are generated by Frontier

Sister Moon
The site consists of a lot of pieces ..... Frontier helps keep it all in order.

The New Homemaker
A number of custom macros build tables of contents for the entire site and by section, decide which cgi scripts to put on which pages, build "what's new" menus, update the home page, create custom subnavigation bars, and a lot more.

Mac Publishing, L.L.C.
The server component allows many people to work on the same site at once, and provides logging and site admin features.

Brockhaus, Germany
The separation of form and content ... gave me great flexibility while designing the site.

The leading tech news site in Portugal, delivering more than 100 thousand page views per month, and is entirely built with Frontier.

Sports Illustrated at the Goodwill Games '98
... it's all dynamically generated with Frontier using COM links back to an IIS web server.

The entire site continues to be rendered and served dynamically through Frontier...

Asia Society
Frontier proved flexible enough to handle all the wrinkles in this project: javascripts, various files types (applets, audio, Flash)

Royal New Zealand Air Force
...without Frontier, I think this project would have been a monster.

The Ridge Theatre
A community theatre that handles repertoire and second run films.

Wheaton College Quarterly
I liked the ability to use templates, glossaries and preferences to make changes as large or small as I needed them.
XML Site Publishing Proves its Worth.

Frontier is so flexible that it can almost do everything you would want for content management.

Waukesha Foundry, Inc
Frontier helps keep everything in order and makes the Waukesha Foundry site easy to maintain.

Be, Inc.
We've been using Frontier at Be for years.

SpeedServe Inc.
Frontier allows a few of us to tackle a job that would be far too large to accomplish otherwise.

The Danish School of Journalism
Giving teachers and students automated access to a range of online databases, news agencies, Picture databases and research tools.

Albanian Daily News
Since the internet is forbidden in this country, the editor sends the email though an Immarsat satellite phone connection to dial into an Italian ISP.

Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc.
Frontier has allowed me to build and update a 950+ page site which is flexible in design and easily maintained.

Just in Time Solutions
"Frontier has provided a more efficient way for us to produce sites...Thus we can spend time working on content and designing the core information."

"By using Frontier I only have to create new templates and images to have a 'brand new' site for partners."

Vignette, Vignette's demo for the publishing industry, is listening to the XML version of Scripting News and turning it into their own syndicated version.

Cafe Paulig
One of Europe's largest coffee and spice brands.

Bom Dia Brazil
"The Challenge was to automate the production of the daily site so that a journalist could do all the job without any HTML code."

University of Oregon Housing
"Frontier allowed us to concentrate more on content and design than mundane chores..."

Hotel World
"7,500 hotel pages built dynamically on demand."

The Workbook
Online illustration and photography sourcebook

New Zealand domain name registry

BizRate Guide
From database to web page with customized HTML rendering.

Fusionary Media
Lively playful design powered by Frontier.

Filemaker and Frontier keep this fashion shopping site up-to-date.

McIntyre Photography
Technical and artistic creativity at it's best!

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