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Early Essays

Here's a short list of early essays for 24 Hours of Democracy project.

US Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia US

Jean-Louis Gassée

Chris Gulker, Menlo Park, CA US

Other essays at Gulker's site

Bernie DeKoven, Palo Alto, CA

Howard Rheingold

Kim Allen, San Diego CA US

Jay Campbell, Decatur GA US

Chard Lowden , Santa Rosa, CA US

Dave Winer, San Francisco, CA US

John Wampler, Chicago IL US

Christopher D. Frankonis, San Francisco, CA US

Paul Bissex, Northampton, MA, US

Rob Braun, Kailua, HI US

Bob Schumaker, Redwood City, CA US

Duane Bristow, Albany, KY US

Lisa A. White, Boardman, OH US

Kirk McElhearn, St Cyr sur Loire FR

Daniel Berlinger, White Plains, NY US

Christian Biancu, Pisa, ITALY

Rick Creighton, Manassas, VA US

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